Thursday, October 23, 2014

That is *so* random.

I was still in my conference today. And Mr S. and I commuted. Sometimes I like to try and smuggle him into the expo halls if I can to see some of the cool stuff.

When he came to pick me up he texted me he was at the Santa Clara convention center and told me there was a DeLorean in the parking deck. Which made me roll my eyes. I don't get what it is guys see about this particular car. They are not that rare. They make me crazy. But guys just love, love, love them.  For reference you can see Levi Stadium in the top left of the shot.

Turns out they shut the hall down directly at 3:30, and I couldn't get him in. But when we got back up to the parking deck and I saw the car I was like - that is NOT the same DeLorean as we saw in Ohio is it? The exhaust scoops looked exactly like the ones on the car we saw in Ohio. I was immediately excited because I knew if it had an Ohio plate - that was the same car.

When we got up to it we started laughing because - randomly seeing a car that you spotted in another state half away across the country - then running across it again is like finding a needle in a haystack. If someone told me they had driven the car here, then told me to find it in a convention center parking lot - it would seem impossible. But there it was!

I have video of it here from the Ohio trip. You don't think he had to drive 70 miles an hour the whole way here. Do you? That would make me crazy.

Update - after I posted this Mr S. told me it wasn't the same car. I don't even watch my own videos sometimes. What's up with Ohio and the DeLoreans?

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