Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The story about my house.

Contractors are the biggest gossips on the face of the planet. It's why it takes so long to get your stuff fixed. They chat around like hens. They are worse than women. No foolies. So you know my new gardeners ran to the rental to see the place. They were back within a half an hour reporting that they'd run into one set of neighbors and they were over the moon. Which is a good start because when we bought that house - the neighborhood had a few bad elements. My house being one of them. Both of the owners had died and it was a hoarder house. But also, the guy next to me was a drunk and crazy. He'd basically chuck beer bottles over the fence against the garage wall where they would shatter into a pile of broken glass. The hoarders didn't seem to mind. The place was a junkbox anyway.

When I was trying to sell the place he'd go out and work on his old timey pinto to intimidate people looking at the house. They economy was also crashing down around us. So it wasn't the only reason. It just didn't help. Strangely if it had been any other type of car than a pinto - it might have been charming. This is the reason I chose the guy I put into my place. I needed a strong personality to get that other guy out who was also a  renter. And I didn't want to put a nice family next to a drunk. I didn't think the process would take that long.... but... life doesn't care what you want.

The new neighbors have only been there a year. It was their comp I used to refi the rental. So my first order of business was to meet the them. It turns out that when they bought the place, the guy living there refused to leave. Who does that? They've really done a lot of great work to their place. I think misery loves to cluster. So that place was pretty shit too before they bought it. They at least seem like a really nice elderly couple.

The stories I'm getting from everyone sort of trip me out. The neighbors said the police came and picked him up for assault at the rental. Apparently it happened somewhere else. But they've only been there for a year. So, it was obviously recent. It isn't like I thought my renter was great - but he never stepped out of line with me like that. And I never would have given him the time of day if I knew they hit women. Mutual or not.

When I was growing up everyone thought beating people equaled abuse. Now it seems there is a mutual combatant mentality that frankly shocks me. I blame reality shows. When I was growing up - we all thought that was wrong. Now it just seems normal I guess.

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