Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crapshack part deux.

Even though I have a lot of work ahead of me - I feel really good. Like a weight has been lifted off my chest. So - we took the time to have breakfast in Fremont where they serve Dutch Baby pancakes. It's takes an hour for them to bake, but we had a lot of stuff to plan anyway. I mean, it's all the things I thought that guy was doing to my place. least the anxious mystery is gone. I think he had a full life meltdown. His contractor licence has been pulled and has a 7 grand bond requirement. I met him when I bought my first house in this town. Which has been a really long time. Aside from the shit he did to my house, it's just scary to see how quickly and far people can fall. It's stunning.

One of the nice things about the neighborhood my rental is in now - it's gotten way cuter than when we bought it. It could have turned the other way. I remember not wanting to stick a new lawn in because all the other neighbors had crappy lawns. It just didn't seem to fit the neighborhood. I'd already gutted the whole house. Now the neighborhood has turned over and my place stands out as the shit house again. This was a hoarder house where the owners had died. I think the neighbors are going to be super happy that guy is gone too. The place looks rough.

I've already got someone booked to bulldoze it. It's the guy who did my fence. Apparently all of my neighbors have been poaching him. When I called him he was working a house behind me. He does really good work. And he does it for slightly more than what I could pay if I did it myself. If I did have so much stuff to do, I'd probably just do that. It's always fun to rent a bobcat.

When I was driving through the crapshack neighborhood Mr S. spotted this on one of the neighbors recycle cans. Maybe we are all going to be okay after all.

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