Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's gonna get all medieval up in here.

A good portion of my weekend was spent trying to hobble together a viable grey water system. Right now the plan is to shower in the tub with the drain stopped up to capture all that water. Then transfer the water to this. Since I don't take baths, that faucet had seized up and we needed to replace the mechanism this weekend.

As the water rationing comes in from other cities I've been watching what their rules are. Right now things are not too bad, but one lady from the 70's said they only got to use 50 gallons a day.  I'm not sure if that was per person or what. But I am preparing for the worst. The hills are already starting to brown back up. Most cities are just starting to enforce odd and even day watering. For now.

That ridge is rumored to strengthen "later this month (which means about now)". Which is going start cutting into the whole "April Showers bring May Flowers" thing. It going to be a really stressful summer. It can get 108 here in summer. Every one's lawn is going to be dead but mine. Hopefully. When I replaced both of them last year I upgraded to more efficient sprinklers.  I saw my neighbors scalp their lawns to the very lowest settings. Then water them for 4 hours at a time and wonder why they still look dead. Since my house is going to stand out, I'm sure I will get a lot of chance to explain that.

I'm also going to attempt my scant garden. I've been shucking water around for a few years now. No I'm not a hippy. And you know how I feel about environmentalists.

Home gardening however is just about the most expensive way you can grow anything. It doesn't make sense to spend 50 bucks to grow tomatoes that you can get relatively cheaply at the store. Sure they don't taste that great and you have to deal with constant tomato stickers on the fruit. So when I'm showering and waiting for the water to warm up - I put a bucket under there and catch all that water. Then bank it in a 32 gallon brute trash can with a lid to keep it from turning. I hate doing it. This year is going to suck super hard. Just say'in. I don't even want to talk about the fires right now. Plus no hydro, means less electricity.

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