Sunday, February 16, 2014

My car sugar was low. - Part 2.

Even though the Autorama in Sacramento is a little meh to me, I'd never pass up a reason to find a new burger joint there. It's like the greasy burger mecca of the world. It's also where I found the Squeeze Inn. They have a ton of retro burger joints there. Which I love, love, love. You can't get a sloppy burger in my town to save your life. Half the time when I order a burger here I'm not even sure I'm killing myself since they are so lean. In Sacramento you still find places where you are taking your life into your own hands.

We wound up at different burger place in Old Sac, but I got so distracted they sold chicken and waffles, and Grits! I didn't even try for a burger. Which I regretted. Oakland has ruined me for chicken and waffles. I mean, it was good. But not Louis The Pie Queen good. So I'm not going to tell you where I landed. We almost went to the burger point where they put peanut butter on hamburgers.

For the most part I do not love taking shots of elaborate bikes. You can never capture how intricate they are in person.

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