Friday, May 31, 2013

These are getting amazing.

"Basically, by splicing ultra-tiny, ultra-sensitive electrodes with remaining nerve tissue in the head, neck, and shoulder, Darpa is slowly restoring not only control over robotic limbs, but feeling.

Now the technology still isn't exactly like an actual limb, but they're taking some pretty huge steps here.

The outlook for amputee combat veterans — 2,000 in America alone have lost limbs — seems to be getting better by the day. "

I've always held a special hope for amputees. When I was growing up we had a family friend who went on a bender and fell asleep for a couple of days with his arm trapped between the wall and his bedpost. Even as a kid I wondered how much this guy had to have drank. My family wasn't a stranger to savage partying. Maybe it's one of the things that stopped me from getting out of control drunk like a lot of people do today. Get too shitty drunk and you could wind up with your arm missing. It leaves an impression.

In 2007 I wrote an post called "Coordination still has a little way to go". Where I talk about robotics and how in the future I saw it benefiting amputees from the war. I guess that time is finally here.

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