Thursday, May 02, 2013

I knew it smelled like summer.

These actually look like crappy photos, and they are - but the air quality has deteriorated because of all the local-ish fires. If there is too much smoke in the air vs. fire, it just isn't easy to capture.

This year California is having record setting low rainfall since January. I'm pretty freaked out about the fire season actually. So much that I that I had to ask Mr S. to go talk to one of our neighbors about their treeshrub. It's about 15 feet tall and comes within a couple of feet of our roof. They were very nice about scheduling someone to come in quickly. That happens on Monday. It's also why I didn't mind razing that tree. It's up against the house. And it's fire season Yo! At least they've managed the water supply better this year. All of the dams are still in pretty good shape. The rain basically stopped before the release of melting snow pack. Which was good, because I don't think the government is really that smart.

This is what it looks like from my deck. It looks way closer than it is.

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