Friday, May 10, 2013

As they rock us gently to sleep.

I've been wanting to talk about the economy for a while. It's just hard to condense how I really feel about it. It isn't bad enough that most people don't see what is happening to them, they just don't care.

Mostly the world is starting to look a little like the stories I hear from people who used to live in Soviet block nations. All data is manipulated beyond recognition. Take for example the stock market. A week or two ago Mr S. was asking how it was possible for a stock to be acting like it was. My reply? How is anything possible? In that moment I realised I'd became an existentialist when it came to the market and maybe everything right now. I'm not sure! The market goes up every day. Regardless of the news. Wall Street and the government in lockstep. Shoulder to shoulder. Arms linked.

Nothing there is real now. QE has made it impossible to see what really exists. Even worse, as time goes by - the news gives you contradictory data in stories one right after another. You see only what you want to see people. At least in the Soviet era you knew the media was coerced by the point of a gun into giving you misinformation. Our media just volunteers. Things we thought impossible? Now apparently possible. For how long, no one knows.

While I want to be mad at the public. On some level I get it. The world is infinitely complicated right now. Maybe by design. It's hard for me to sort reality from nothingness. And I try really hard to do it all of the time. It's exhausting. It shouldn't be so hard to just figure out how to plan for the future.

The reality most of us knew doesn't exist anymore. As time goes on you forget the way things were and start to accept the way thing are. But I will never accept this reality. It is the reality of suffering. It's the reality that puts generations on welfare.

I've read some people say this administrations plan is to take away all your choices until you do what they want. That is what I believe is most accurate about the world today. Yet the deafening cries of freedom are strangely silent as they let everything be taken from them. It's unbelievable to watch.


  1. I'm pretty sure at the end of 2012 that congress passed a law that legally allows them to print propaganda.

  2. The sooner those old coots die off from old age - the better off we all will be. Because obviously, they will never get voted out.