Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Maker Faire Google Glass count was 5.

But I can only prove four. Boy those guys are shifty. It was obvious from all of them that they didn't want to be photographed very much. I mean, I'd been circling the first guy for like 15 minutes. Trying to cut him off at the pass. Finally I was just like - look, I'm just going to stalk you the whole show. We can pretend you didn't want to let me photgraph you. Either way - I'm getting a shot. They were very nice and relented. I went to walk off and not 10 steps away I saw the next one. Not every picture can be a glamor shot.


  1. Um, should I be able to see the lenses? Are there lenses?

  2. No lenses. They sort of rest more at your brow line and it has a square prism on the right side to project the image back onto your eye. Or something like that. They might not call it that. But I think it's just really a prism.