Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Updates from me.

Last fall I stuck in two lawns at my place. The front, I got the sod from Lowe's, and the back I got from Home Depot.

Well, the back didn't really survive. It didn't help that we didn't get much rain last winter to help it get established. Then the incessant freezes that took out a large patch. And the freezes happened in a way that my neighbors trees basically vomited on my yard. All at once. Making spots with compacted leaves. Usually there is wind, and other neighbors share the burden. But I got it all.

Really almost from the beginning my back yard was jealous of my front yard. The Lowe's sod is this amazing emerald green. The back is this color that every neighbor has. Medium green? And I wouldn't have even known the difference if I started getting too tired to pick it up from the store. Most of the time the forklift was unavailable. The Lowe's stuff I had delivered.

At any rate - I'm learning a valuable lesson. Because I have to rip it all out! With seat equity. Which these days is just called sweat.

It isn't that interesting, but at least it is - something. I should have some really fun stuff for you soon. But, you know how things go here. A lot of you have been reading for a really long time now.


  1. Just get a giant rototiller and mulch it all in. Then pave everything.

  2. One word (unless you want to quibble about spelling):



    Purple Magpie

  3. Hahahah. You can quibble about spelling. I think it's funny. I'm not all wrapped up in that. You guys should just feel lucky you get more than - mongo mad!

    When you're writing, most of the time you don't even see it. Mr S usually tells me later and I laugh and act defiant. Usually I don't even change it because I think it's a quirk of the blog. But it does make me laugh.

    Steve - if I just stuck rose bushes every two feet, I'd return this place to the way I bought it. Now if I could just hurry and sell it to some other smuck who will rip the whole thing out. Finally giving up in frustration, paving the whole thing over - it could be a circle of life thing.

    Although playing with a steam roller does have it's appeal.