Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today in pictures. Part 1.

Today we went out to Palo Alto to an art festival. Which, next to the beach (right now) is my favorite place on earth. Going to Palo Alto involves a lot of - Oh! look how cute that place is. Did you see that house. Pretty much every two seconds.

It's more than people just aren't worried about anything. It's that you can sit down at a cafe and hear doctors at the next table talking about medicine. Or all manner of tech stuff. Mr S. pointed out that even going to Monterey were people are filthy rich doesn't make me as happy as Palo Alto. There are just a lot of really smart people. And every house almost is cute.

Anyway. On to the pictures.

President Money Bags was there signing up women to vote. Or something. I just find the cardboard cutouts creepy.

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