Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today I heard a rumor Tesla was hiring thousands of workers.

At first I rolled my eyes. But, as I am always prone to do - I think, maybe I'm wrong about the world and everything.

So, I listen to the story. Then I remember just yesterday I read a story about the American jobs act of FEB 2012 being trotted out again. The government giving companies a hundred grand to pay employees 50 grand or somesuch. (yeah, that is one word now) Then Tesla does it. They mention the grant. But not by name. Of course.

I thought I'd saved the story out. Or perhaps that nerve was long dead. Or maybe I could googlefoo it pretty easily.

Oddly - not so easy to find any news stories about that program. Granted I'm feeling mighty ADD, but it's never that hard to find shit on google.

I'd predict unemployment numbers to get better.

Update: Mish picked up this story. You can read about it on his site.

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