Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Facebook verification to require users to surrender photo ID .

" There's a catch, however. To verify your account you'll have to send Facebook an image of a government-issued photo ID, or your birth certificate and credit card."

Good luck with all of that! They make it seem like this is a pay service. Or a creepy arm of the government. Implosion will happen in 3.....2....1.


  1. Sounds kinda racist to me. Like they are trying to marginalize or disenfranchise low-income minority surfers.

  2. WTH?!?! No fucking way. I had already decided that if PMB gets reelected I'm deleting my account.

    "Facebook has promised to delete all data after verification."

    Riiiiiiiiiight. And I have a bridge I'd like to sell you...

    Purple Magpie

  3. "Sounds kinda racist to me."

    I'm just about the most liberal when it comes to aliens - but that shit pisses me off. I've always advocated for work visas for them. So they can go back home and still work here if need be. It bet it super pisses off union labor though. The "they took our jobs" crowd. Californians don't feel the same about this. Even though we know we interact with them all the time. At least we know how many there are now.

    "Facebook has promised to delete all data after verification."

    Oh no. It will be completely fine. Just ask Google. They would never *not* delete something they got illegally. Facebook will get a big fat fine, and ......there is nothing to see here.