Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monterey has a Koenigsegg today. Mr. S is slightly dying inside.

I can't go all the days! Plus, on the way back it is bumper to bumper traffic. I never linked this video. It's complete with my tard laugh. All the cool cars almost don't make that worth it.



  1. Great Naming for your videos. Video67, Video87, la di dah. Following the links after this one, I watched one of a Bentley? that sounded like a jet engine, I think you said? Reminded me of a restaurant guy up in BC (the great white north) who owned James Bond's Aston Martin. Back when Sean Connery was James Bond. He drove it all over. Last saw it in 1980. Is "laying on the heavy" your invention? Great term. Haver to use it and do it more often.
    (I'm sorry if this doubles, I hate the signin here)

  2. I hate the signin here, because it opens a window about 500 px wide, but the stuff IN the window is about 1000 PX wide. So I don't remember and see the place where gmail wants me to sign in. Bah. But your tard laugh is great!

  3. Hahahah. The naming convention is just from the download program. The numbered ones are basically rejects. The ones not interesting enough to create a post around. But sometimes you get a callback. So I don't delete them. ;)

    I'm just amazed at how shitty the video looks. That was only two years ago. It must have been right before HD got full saturation.

    "Is "laying on the heavy" your invention? "

    My voice can be a little low in spots. I said, laying on the HEMI. But I think I like it your way better. ~You~ just created a new catch phrase.

  4. OK. Glad I could help! Now just remember, it's gotta be "Laying on the heavy (as they say in Pomeroy)"