Sunday, August 19, 2012

I guess trickle up poverty has finally hit them.

Pebble Beach didn't make me feel better this year. Honestly I left feeling a little like I did four years ago when I was leaving Las Vegas after CES. Scared. There were probably 50% less people. As for the cars, it was more notable who was not there.

Spiker, who has always had a large area. Not there. They are suing GM over SAAB and all companies mentioned are sick. Tesla. What the fuck is up with Tesla? They have never been there - but neither has Chrysler. Who actually was there. Which is unusual and annoying. Lotus wasn't there. They also used to have big booths. I'd also say in general there were 50% less cars.

I overheard one of the guys telling someone else a bunch of people cancelled at the last minute.

I do have more pictures. But wow. This show was definitely a marked difference than all the other times I've been there. I think this is my fourth time. Recession or not, things have always been packed.

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