Monday, August 20, 2012

I think people are finally starting to "get it".

I wanted to recount this story, because I'd forgotten it has happened until I was reading something else this morning. But I think it is an important change in peoples attitudes.

At that car show on Saturday night, Mr S. and I got separated. I forget why. I went out to the front of the building to wait for him to meet back up with me.

Outside a guy started up a seemingly meaningless conversation with me.

Do you know what time it is, he asked.

Me - I can find out. (I whipped out my phone and told him.)

Him - Ah, I only have a few more minutes of my break. I better finish smoking this cigarette. As he was doing so, he said he had to work till 11:00 that night.

Me - Ahhh. That suucks. You better smoke up. We both laughed.

Him - Yeah, I don't mind. There are a lot of people complaining about things they don't have, he went on to say. Then said something about how he didn't mind working that late. It made him feel worth while.

Now - I thought this was going to be an old timey small talk commiseration thing. Like you used to do in the long long ago. So, I was totally caught off guard. To tell you the truth I don't remember what I said after that because my brain started chattering. I felt really proud of this guy I'd never met. Yet since I was unprepared, I couldn't articulate it.

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