Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why the hell did they import that?

This doesn't go into the bad ass section at all. The only reason I was interested in it was because it looked like a strange El Camino.

I have an affection for El Camino's. My girlfriend would steal the keys from her mom, and we would push that car out of the driveway and down to the street before we could start it - so as not to wake up her mom. It was her car. Left to her by her dad, but we were underage driving. Which ironically, we'd steal to cruise The El Camino Real. Which is a road that goes through many cities in Silicon Valley. That used to be a "thing" back in the day. And by the day, I mean, the 80's.

Yes - that is the kind of kid I was.

At any rate - I thought it was some kind of Chevy. But it turned out to be this car called a Holden. Which is apparently Australian. The inside was circa 1970's. But, I'd never seen one before. So there is that.

Right hand drive.


  1. This is indeed a Holden ute most likely a Kingswood. However the front of the car is HQ which was built from '71 - '74 yet the dash is later model '74 - '80.
    Holden is General Motors Australia and is a sister car to Chevrolet.
    These cars were very popular in Australia and New Zealand. We had several in my family.