Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where the sidewalks are paved with glass.

I was up in Walnut Creek yesterday. It's like Northern California's version of Hollywood. Without all the stars and beautiful people.

I am never that excited about getting bad ass cars in Walnut Creek. It's a little like shooting animals at a game preserve. No matter where you look there are beautiful cars (animals). You just have to point and shoot.

There is no fun in that.

And yes - the sidewalks are paved with a tumbled glass/concrete mix. They know the sea could have done that for free.


  1. Ha ha. I used to know somebody in grad school who came from Walnut Creek. He was all embarrassed about it for some reason (is it lower class?), so I would call it Coconut Grove for yucks.

  2. I would imagine the place has changed quite a bit since you were in grad school. Perhaps back then it was a podunk town. Walnut Creek is sandwiched in between Lafayette and Danville. So maybe he had an inferiority complex because of that. They are wealthier. In that cheap gaudy type of wealth.

    Now Walnut Creek is trying to image itself after Rodeo Drive. Plastic surgeons and all.

    What made you think he was embarrassed? Or did he simply state - I am from Walnut Creek! It's like - totaaallly embarrassing dude.

    Nice to see you back Keyser. However temporary.