Friday, December 23, 2011

I hope they weren't trying to be ironic.

Yesterday, Mr S. sent me a link about Colin Powell being the third person to receive a Fisker Karma.

This of course sent me into a total spin, because if there is anyone who needs the loving arms of government welfare it is Colin Powell, Leo DiCaprio, and Al Gore. They just can't afford this shit on their own.

And I love rich people. They buy stuff when it is really expensive, bringing the price down so I can eventually buy it. Having said that - I don't appreciate them using my hard earned tax paying dollars to do so.

As I was reading through the comments of the article - one guy mentioned he had seen a Fisker Surf. Really? They named one of their models "surf"?

That is a joke. Right? I think they spelled it wrong. It's s.e.r.f. Named after all the taxpayers they are stealing money from, so the filthy rich and connected can buy luxury cars.

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