Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We finally named her Jasmine.

A stripper name. Just not one of the sluttier ones.

She has only had a name for a few days. Which has to almost be a record for us. Naming convention in the Snarkolepsy house had to involve these criteria.

Most important - you have to be able to yell it. They do learn their names and will stop temporarily chewing on - whatever. It gives you time to get to the squirt bottle.

It needs to have a cute short version. I'm not crazy about any of the short versions of Jasmine. But we were coming under pressure because a little over a week ago she learned she could beg for attention. Before she was just cute, and what the fuck else did she need? A bunny that begs for attention deserves a name.

Also, I'm starting to believe this trait she has about flopping out in Mr S's armpit is going to stick. She doesn't do it all the time, but enough that I think that once she hit puberty, she might keep it.

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