Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is this a new trend?

The past month I've been noticing a distinct trend of women, basically, infantilizing their young boy children. As a woman, I can only cringe for the women these boys will eventually date.

Take today for example. Mr S. and I went out to breakfast and were waiting for a table. We were right by the restrooms. All of a sudden I hear a young boy pitching a fit. It caught my attention because he was way too old to be acting like this. The mother was literally trying to drag him into the ladies room. He's screaming "I don't want to go!"

You can see him there even holding onto the wall. After what felt like a minute she gave up.

Now, women have stalls, obviously - but I've never seen a kid this age in any restroom - anywhere - in my lifetime. I would have pegged him for ten, but they were treating him like he was five.

When Mr S. and I talked about it later (he'd apparently had been paying attention to the earlier part of the fuss) he said the dad was trying to take him to the men's room, but told the kid he wasn't going to unless he was sure the kid was going to pee. WTF?

Certainly I don't know when boys can pee by themselves - but it has to be by 10. Right? I don't know if he thought the kid was going to get molestered or what. That's when the mother jumped in and tried to get him into the women's room. The whole thing was just really odd.

Yet, it wasn't the first time this month I'd seen a boy about this kids age being treated as if he were a toddler. At first I thought this other kid just might be slow, and I was the asshole. But after watching him, he didn't seem to have any obvious deficits. It just looked like his mother treated him like a baby.


  1. Small wonder one in five men aged 25-34 live at home with their parents. Guess they still don't know how to use the potty on their own!

  2. If that weren't bad enough, this weekend, Mr S and I were in gamestop. Yeah - I have a form of arrested development too. And this guys mom was buying him video games. He was like 25 - but his mom was treating him like he was 15. I know it is Christmas and all, but it was weird enough that Mr S and I had a whole "that's weird, right" conversation.