Friday, December 02, 2011

When tomorrow never comes.

Every single night, I go to bed with a knot in the pit of my stomach, wondering if tomorrow is the day I wake up and the world has changed forever.

It goes on for so long you start to question your sanity. Inflation/deflation - it doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on. I happen to be on both depending on the day. Virtually every prediction on what will happen with this, has so far not materialised. It's been three years now!

You can't help but wonder how this can be. How things are "suppose" to work has been tossed out the window. You start to think, maybe I am the one who has gone a little crazy. On one hand you look at people and wonder if they have the slightest idea of what is going to happen to them. On the other, most of them don't, and they seem happy in relative ignorance. So far, it's has been a net nothing.

Maybe they are the smart ones. If you keep yelling fire, and there is no fire - maybe you are the one who is crazy.

And worse, I don't think there is anyone who can tell you exactly how they have been able to hold everything up for so long. When I start hearing words like "decoupled" or disconnected. It pretty much translates to "I don't know what the fuck is going on either". And everyone wonders why there is so much apathy. Even I have it now. There is nothing you can do to stop them. Not starving the beast. Nothing.

There is no way to prepare, because no one knows why things are working the way they are. I keep hearing "I would have thought xyz would have happened by now".

Yet it doesn't.

Making things worse, they've stopped telling us how things are working. This makes me exceedingly nervous. Not that I don't know how things work, but that so few people do, as noted in this article "How Bankers Saved the World From a Euro Meltdown"

"So what happened to reverse the tide? An announcement that the largest central banks in the world, including the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, had agreed to reduce the cost of bank borrowing of dollars by half a percent. A seemingly innocuous and highly technical decision that only a few large institutions really grasp, it sent global stock markets up 4 percent, eased credit markets. and in an instant changed the tenor in finance-land from one of intense panic to sudden calm."

Paying less to borrow money - everyone should understand. So what else did they do?

Our government has become a gambler who keeps hitting you up for 20 bucks. This time I will win! The whole thing has become a Mexican standoff. Everyone knows the world will break. One day we will wake up and the world will be in chaos. There is just no way to know when. We don't know how they are making it work now. Not just me - but a lot of really smart people.

I don't really understand how this ends up. Sane people are clamped down on their wallets, and the government keeps thinking we will spend like it's 2007. They refuse to make the government in line with reduced spending as far as the eye can see.

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