Saturday, October 08, 2011

Totally meaningless moments.

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed or stressed I shut down. It's like a million things are going on inside my head, I just can't get them out. Nothing seems interesting or worthwhile sharing. It actually takes quite a bit of effort to get started again. You can see this pattern repeat itself over and over the years on this blog. You just need a little patience to wait me out.

This is also why you get this non interesting story I'm going to tell you about the interactions I had with a couple of people getting my lawn in.

Yesterday morning the sod truck pulled up. I figured I would try to get as much in as I could and Mr S. would help me this weekend. Really, this wouldn't even be a story if it weren't for this little old lady.

I saw her across the street at the corner. Which is about three houses down on the other side of the street. And she was just staring at me. I'd put a roll down, and she would advance towards me smiling. Crossing the street in a diagonal fashion. Staring and smiling the whole time.

When she got close enough I said - it's so green, it doesn't look real. Right?

Her - You should have paid someone to do this for you.

Me - Girls can do things. Besides I'm half done.

Her - Oh! I can help you.

Me (placatingly)- I bet you could, because chicks rock.

For a couple of minutes we made small talk about me paying someone. Me convincing her it just wasn't a big deal. I mean the rolls at Lowe's any chick can do.

Then it became apparent she was actually serious. She started advancing towards the stack of rolls.

Her - I'll help you.

Me - You are going to ruin all your clothes.

The rolls were grown in this black dirt, and I'd already picked clothes I could just throw out. Black garden stuff just stains.

Her again - I can help you.

And she was totally serious. I actually had to get between her and the rolls of sod to stop her.

Finally she was getting to a point where she was borderline annoying. Totally sweet. But you just have to get in this zone - and she was interrupting my zone. I mean, it's hard work.

On one hand I was really impressed that she thought she could do it. She must have been pushing 70. I've never seen a young chick even attempt to lay sod. On the other, I couldn't understand why she was trying to help me. Part of me wanted to take her up on it. Not because I needed help - but because I'm curious that way. She would have probably sued me. I just wanted to she if she could.

I've learned to never completely underestimate people. She probably wouldn't have been able to. But there is always that 1% who will knock you on your ass with surprise. It's one of the most fantastic things about life.

The other story is about my sprinklers. I know. You are bored already. Do you want me to get back to posting or not?

I'd put in these spin-ey sprinklers. You can buy them everywhere. They aren't even anything special. I just got tired of watering the sky. We get lots of wind here sometimes, and they just make it so water falls to the ground.

Mr S. and I were testing them and this couple riding a bike completely flipped around and came back to investigate. The odd thing is how in awe they were about them. It was like my house was the Bellagio or something.


  1. Moments don't have to have meaning to be interesting. The randomness of life and people is what's fascinating.