Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

There were not many great houses this year. Maybe because Halloween falls on a Monday. I didn't even get any pumpkins out this year. I couldn't come up with any good ideas after Zombie pumkins. Mr S's south park pumpkins. Evil pumpkin snowman has been a hit. Seems like everone is hitting this link.

The angry birds house was at least a little interesting.


  1. Compared to last year, hardly any houses are decorated in our neighborhood this year. Mr. Magpie and I were also surprised how much more expensive candy is, even at the "discount" stores.

  2. Yeah, my town too. Even people who have always had pretty big displays weren't feeling it this year.

  3. I like the angry birds one.

    Just heart that Peanut Butter will go up to over $5 a jar.

    I guess people are feeling less and less like giving people stuff for free, no mater how much B.O. tells us what a great idea it is.

  4. Sadly, they aren't tired of spending your money yet.