Monday, October 24, 2011

Behind on everything.

On Sunday I visited my saved bunny even though he wasn't ready yet. I was trying to find out what his affection level was going to be. As I was trying to coax kisses out of him I noticed he had a slight under bite.

Under bites are a huge problem. It means there is a very good chance it will grow up with a malocclusion. His teeth wont wear on their own. I will have to trim them.

Everyone will tell you that isn't that big of a deal. It's totally a huge deal. Once you get past the lips and tongue, and get ready to cut - up will pop a skin fold. On both sides which move independently. It's like playing mouth twister. If you had to do this a couple of times you could work through it. Over the lifetime of a rabbit it's a pain in the ass. Especially in the advanced years.

We never fell in love with any of the bunnies there. Which is why I was back on Sunday.

Yesterday, Mr S. and I decided what we really wanted was another velveteen without knowing the other had. He'd apparently been searching for a breeders all day. As had I. When we met up, we were both like - I really want a velveteen!

Apparently, this is a pretty hard breed to find here right now.

I didn't think it was a common breed, but I didn't think we would need to scrub the whole California breeder list to find any.

Right now it looks like we could be going on some very long road trips. Near LA, or inland near Yosemite.

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