Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Almost Miz Minka....almost.

When I was inland this weekend, I got to meet one of my long time readers. She came bearing jam, I came bearing burgers you should only eat if you are into heart bypass. It's the kind of girl I am.

I was so excited about her present, I completely disregarded the name grapefruit on the label. Right next to the word marmalade.

On Sunday I couldn't wait to get to breakfast to try it. By this time I'd figured it out. No matter. And it would have worked out perfectly if grapefruit wasn't such a nag.

The first half of your brain says - Oh! this tastes really close to marmalade. Then the grapefruit kicks you and says - No! I'm GRAPEFRUIT. If it weren't for that grapefruit kick at the end, it would have all worked for me.

So....this is my proposal. Blood orange marmalade. Not as sweet as orange marmalade, and my neighbor has a tree full of them she is always trying to pawn off on me.


  1. Well, you did keep calling it "jelly"... :D Could you have stomached it if we called it grapefruit "jam" instead? LOL

  2. Well... that's because I'm not so bright. I actually ate quite a lot of it. And it was the nicest thing ever. I just couldn't get past the aggressiveness of the grapefruit.

    It made my brain very bipolar.

    It's great... wait... no, great. no grapefruit.