Friday, October 28, 2011

Why your OWS protestors are shitting on sidewalks.

Early in my career I worked at a company that sits where Google sits now. It is right next to the Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater.

A few times a year the Grateful Dead would come en mass with their posse of smelly hippies with drum circles and tie die clothing. The only thing interesting about this story is they used to bathe in the company fountains. Oh, there was a park right next to the amphitheater. But I guess the fountains were cleaner.

At any rate - Jerry Garcia died, and the deadheads became fractured. They morphed into this group called the Rainbow Family. I hadn't actually heard about them in a great many years. I probably stopped paying attention.

About a week ago though I started seeing some of the #OWS protesters and it really reminded my of the rainbow family. It was probably when the protesters started looking more like campers and less like anarchists.

So this morning I plugged OWS and rainbow family into google, and what should pop up? A confirmation that a lot of these protesters are basically the children of dead heads. Ie, the rainbow family. RF FB page. And Here.

These are probably the people shitting on the sidewalk. They actually have quite a history with the forest service - where they hold gatherings on public forest lands. Refuse to get permits, clean up after themselves, and generally cause destruction. These gatherings are like small cities.

So, we've got socialists, dead heads, and anarchists. The rainbow family will be hardest to get rid of. They have a deep seated network of people who will funnel giving cash to them. And they will never leave if you feed them.

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