Friday, April 01, 2011

Cherries are assholes.

Cherries have to be my most favorite thing in the world. And, no one plants cherries here anymore. "The Valley" used to be filled with cherry orchards.

Some say that evil capitalism came in and destroyed the orchards. Ta da, Silicon Valley was born.

The truth is - cherry trees are almost as worthless as owning a panda. They are super neat until the tiniest rain comes in a screws your whole year.

Why do we even have these things that can't reproduce on their own? Even the tear that falls from your eye, after loosing the entire crop - will destroy the next years crop. Just out of spite. Assholes.

Two years ago, a little rain split the whole set crop. Then last year, rain made all the blossoms fall off. Now I'm forecasted the tiniest of rain, and I'm gonna have to put a raincoat on this tree.


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