Saturday, April 02, 2011

Look - my boobs are coming through. Like it or not.

The last thing I wanted to do today, was go up to SF. I have so much to do. My back yard project. And taxes.

Still... I hadn't fed you anything interesting lately. So I trudged up to the city. Because I am a giver. Say it!

Immediately I noticed things were different. Barely anyone was dressed up. Not like the previous years. I don't know if things went super nova last year and burned itself out. It was so crowded. Here.

This year I decided I wasn't going to put up with all of that. And I was going to be uncharacteristically pushy. Not in a mean way. But you have to understand how geeks work! They see something shiny and they just stop in their tracks and drool. They can't move.

You know what makes them move? BOOBS! And, not even exposed ones.

Things are normally so crowded - you leave behind all of your personal space. The previous years I left feeling a little groped. Well maybe groped is dramatic. It isn't like they were doing a full hand cup. Maybe a full elbow. And whatever.

This year I decided I was going to shove my chest out and push my way through. With my boobs. And almighty gawd - it worked!

Sure, half of wondercon felt my boobs. Knowingly or not. But not one person got even the slightest upset with me. So if you hear anyone bitching about that chick elbowing her way through the crowd with her boobs. That was me.

Sara Underwood from Attack of the Show.


  1. That was mostly funny with a tiny bit of - ow.. she's like a full generation older than me.

    She does still have pretty great boobs though. I mean, for her age.

    I didn't actually know I had context problems until two hours after I posted. Then I didn't care. It's kind of a flaw I have. Context.