Monday, April 11, 2011

Old white people protest Obama. It isn't the tea party - so who cares?

I thought some of you might find it interesting what the left is up to. There haven't been many of these since Obama took office.

International Answer finally comes out about an Obama war. They have been noticeably absent at a lot of the other protests I've been at.

Even the Animal Liberation Front showed up at this one. A pretty rare sighting. At least for me.

This guy must have been stuck in a time warp. He knows we have a different president. Right? Plus the fact that he looks liked he just walked out of a touring car, made me laugh. He probably has a jag with three Obama hope stickers on it.

Standard protest fare. Che always turns up at these things.

Make out. Not war. I thought it was sort of cute. Still... old white guy.

What the eff is this? A group I'd never heard of before.

This guy was on stilts, but became not stilty when he learned they weren't going to march for 45 minutes. Slacker.

Code pink was there en mass. I was convinced Medea Benjamin was there. All of her other code pinkers were there. And I still think the above picture is her. Even though she wasn't dressed in pink. She was also sitting slightly away from the code pink group. Compare here.


  1. Still, funny that it's "America's War" when before it was always "Bush's War."

    Better than nothing I suppose. I'm waiting for the Obama posters with the Hitler mustache.

  2. If I was smart - I should have just brought little hitler mustaches and placed them on their signs. But I'm not.

    I don't know if those lyndon larouche guys are going to be out for a while.

    They are behind the hitler/o posters. One of them got roughed up recently. So they might go underground for a while. They are pretty outnumbered at these things.