Friday, February 18, 2011

Teachers in Wisconsin commit suicide. Oblivious they are dead.

While watching the coverage of the teachers protest - I had to keep reminding myself unions are only 13% of the population. Maybe less now. I'd wager - much less in the future. It's fascinating that none of them seem to see the cliff they are all running towards. A cliff that can't come soon enough.

I think there are really hard working union folk. I also think those people could probably get better wages without a union. This is my disclaimer for the other stuff I am going to say.

Unions are quickly becoming the most hated segment of the population. And we don't care if you lose your job. We would fire you twice if we could. We don't even care if the kids are unedumacated. We will put up with it to get rid of you.

This is the simple reason why.

I have to pay for all of my retirement. Plus a lot toward my own health care. I have to pay for all of these things for you. For life. I'm resentful about it. So is everyone else. Deeply resentful.

The galling thing is firefighters and police threw everyone else under the bus. They are exempt from the ruling. Yet because they are union members - no one seems to care. I guess that whole - assault to one is an assault to all thing, is bullshit.

The same thing happened here in San Jose. All the old guys refused to give up any money to save the jobs of the young guys. I mean - they are all going to retire soon with hundreds of hours of vacation time.

And anyway - how (mathematically) do people run up 854 days of vacation in 10 years? I'm serious. How?

Look at how much we are paying these people in unused vacation. In some cases it looks like a full years salary. Well - I guess it is actually. Most of the top vacation payouts are for days that equal more than a year. Even if you work there for 30 years - how is that possible?

I've been in the market and overheard people gasping about the extravagant salaries teachers and faculty are getting paid in my town. It's a really good salary. And you can't pay for your own retirement?! Eff you! You suck.

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