Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I don't know if this is an interesting story - but I'm going to tell it.

This weekend, we were sticking in some sod - when I hear the doorbell ring. It's a neighbor I talk to sometimes while she is walking her dog past my house.

I have to get my dog on, any chance I get. I love dogs grew up with them. Mr S. however is allergic. I can't even hold his hand after I pet a dog or he will get welts where I touched him. Which is a bummer because he loves dogs too.

Having said this - I bitch about dogs a lot. I moved from my last house because the neighbors would never control their dog from barking. Oh yes. I will move. This neighbor taught us - you can never talk to people rationally about their misbehaving dogs. People flip out.

Then we went through that spate where our current neighbors dog kept jumping the fence to get into our yard. We eventually had to get bitchy about it. Because, we are the assholes for not wanting some else's dog in our yard.

I generally think a lot of people should not own dogs.

Anyway. We'd had a package delivered the day before, and the neighbor wanted to know who the carrier was. Apparently the carrier had hit her dog in the head with his handheld signature device. The dog needed a staple. And I guess she claims the driver threatened her dog. Which I am completely sympathetic about. People are really edgy over the constant pit bull attacks.

Now, I've had cameras on my house since someone in the neighborhood vandalised my car. So, I went back through the camera history. And it wasn't favorable for her. The guy had to kick her dog away twice before he hit it.

I'm not afraid of dogs at all, and I probably would have hit the dog the way it was acting. Except dogs love me and that would have never happened.

I hope everyone stays reasonable. Because I'm going to have to side with the driver.

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