Sunday, February 27, 2011

I walk in the valley of the blue screen of death.

My Alienware machine died yesterday. I've never actually had the blue screen of death result in a complete hardware failure. Usually you reboot and move on with your life. But then - my alien machine has been the biggest piece of shit ever. I will link my previous posts. Just not now. I'm frustrated and working on a laptop.

What this means for you? Well, it probably means I loose my mind this week. It means posts will be sporadic and rage filled I'm sure.

I've already spent last night and today looking for machines. The biggest factor in my purchase? Where do I get it repaired. Machines are meant to break down in 1-3 years. And when it does - do I have to mail it in to get it repaired?

What a sorry state of the computing world when this is a bigger factor when trying to find a desktop that will replace a high end gaming system. I mean my desktop is my work machine - and it super pisses me off to have to ship my machine back and be without it for 1-? weeks.

This attitude is all thanks to Alienware. It started breaking down at about a year. I had to ship it back once. I've only owned it four years. I am not going through that again.

My new machine won't even arrive till the end of the week. Which sucks. I'm on a tiny laptop when I'm used to running dual monitors.

So there you have it.

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