Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye roll.

You know - my friend set was ground zero for the housing collapse. Upwardly mobile. Two income. Bought houses in the last 15 years.

From construction to office work. The middle class. Or people reaching into the middle class.

Now there is nothing but wreckage. Everywhere. Marriages lost. Houses lost. Jobs lost. Everything - lost. Even friendships lost. Because everyone is in completely difference socioeconomic level now. Not because you don't like them anymore. But because there is so much shame. When you've lost everything - it's hard to relate to people who haven't.

So when I see the union folks being so completely dramatic - frankly it irritates me.

As much as I can't believe it's true - my friend set has nothing to offer. They don't have any money. My friend set isn't paying anywhere near what they used to - to the government. In some cases they are taking from the government.

Some of you union folk have to go. This is simple economics.

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