Saturday, February 12, 2011

It is just sweet.

This morning I was up really early to rent the bobcat again. As I'm driving through town - I notice one of the houses has some of the street blocked off from parking. The military is there - and the house has a big welcome home banner on the front.

By the time I got the bobcat loaded and drove back through town - a bigger crowd had formed. So, I pulled off one of the side streets and took a few cell phone shots.

Over the loud speaker they were telling everyone the soldier would be there soon. I didn't have time to wait. Which bummed me out. I wish I had time to hang out and watch that moment of joy.

I got back to the house. Mr S. went out to get food. I asked him to watch out for the house and asked if he could get some shots. I guess by the time he came through - the fire department had arrived.

It made me feel glad I live in a town that does that.

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