Saturday, February 24, 2007

Maker Faire Auditions - Image Heavy.

Really - I am so going to get banned from events. I always have to come back and give such scathing reports. Its just sucks - I hate having to do that.

First - let me give you the good shots.

I thought they were from Combots - but they were one of the last to speak, and I was pissed by then. So please accept my apologies.

I didn't think taking pictures at an event was going get any worse than orchid shows - but Dear Readers I was so wrong.

Today I thought we would go out to the Maker Faire Auditions. Mostly to see robots - but also to see what they would be displaying this year.

As always - it started out innocently enough. This was the first guy out. His idea was tandem bikes. I think there was also some mention of rickshaws. But frankly I didn't think rickshaws were an untapped commodity - so I tuned out.

It wasn't until about three acts in I realized these two photographers were going to be my nemesis'. The gentlemen in the white and black shirts with their backs facing you.

This was hands down the worst experience ever. I spent most of my time trying to get shots from every direction without these two men in them. They were like smoke from a fire. No matter where you moved - they were in your eyes. And half the time I couldn't even figure out what the one guy was shooting.

If I was lucky I would get one clean shot.

Then these guys would move right in.

And no matter what way you were trying to get a shot from - the guy would stand right in front of the presenter so the audience was completely blocked. I couldn't believe it.

The last 4 shots are all of different people. But who can tell?

I did finally get a clean-ish shot of this guy. This was a magarita machine that was made with a disposal as the mixer.

But for 90 out of 100 shots - literally I got these guys backs.

You'd think it was a closed press conference - but it wasn't!

So Hey - Maker Management. If you are going to let the public in - how about giving us 4 f-ing feet so we can take photographs. You aren't rookies. I assume the reason you let us in so you can create good press and get sponsors. I know you paid your guys a ton of money to shoot your event, but the one guy was so close in on everything - even the presenters were constantly having to get him to step slightly out of their space. They couldn't even set up without almost bumping into the guy. Honestly - it was way too much.

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