Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear Mr. Snarkolepsy

Mr. Snarkolepsy knows all too well how much I hate commercial cards. They always leave me feeling a little icky.

Despite this day being a romantic holiday - I've already had two experiences with people talking about their relationships that bummed me out and made me appreciate even more than I do - how glad I am to have Mr. Snarkolpesy as my Valentine. So I am putting my card here.

H - Is because you make me happy.
A - Is despite crazy things we get ourselves into - you are not afraid.
P - Is for the times you talk like a pirate.
P - Is because I could never ask for a better partner.
Y - Is because I love you.

V - Is because you provide me with balance. (pretend it has a V)
A - Is how much it means to me that you find answers to the questions I ask.
L - Is for all the days you make me laugh.
E - Is because I always promise to make life exciting.
N - Is because you rub my tushy at night.
T - Is because no matter what happens - you always try.
I - Is because you are super interesting.
N - Is that you understand the ways I am neurotic.
E - Is how you always go the extra mile.
S - Is for the un-ending times you talk like Shaq.

D- Is for they ways we comfort each other when we have a bad day.
A - Is because you do sweet things because you want to - not because I ask.
Y - Is because you make life fun - year after year.

Turns out I'm no better than hallmark. But I really do feel lucky to have a Husband like you.


  1. V is for balance because a V balances on its point. So, yes, it works just fine.

  2. I keep seeing the V for ballance, and thinking V for Valance, Wow, Mrs. Snarkolepsy must have nice window treatments.
    zu's thought is much better.

  3. I was doing the valance thing in my head too.. but Zu's comment was very creative and thought provoking. Thanks Zu!