Sunday, February 18, 2007

Street show.

I know it seems like I haven't been talking about robots and technology much.

Really I have been buying technology, but most of it is centered around my new camera and my desire to take infrared red pictures. This has been pretty difficult for me. I've actually had to learn things. Like how to be a real photographer. I wasn't a point and shooter before, but I didn't have to really know that much either. So - learning about lenses, and filters, and the real basics about photography has really put a spin on my other technology posts. My new camera has been a little like owning a Ferrari and not being able to drive a stick shift.

At any rate. The Pacific Orchid Expo was up an San Francisco this weekend so we figured we could give the camera a good try. Maybe take some IR pictures of the orchids.

We got up to the city and it was beautiful! Calm, and warm. We figure we should find a place to eat breakfast before entering the orchid hall. We wound up at Mel's Diner. On Fillmore - I think. I'm facing the street.

A few minutes into sitting down - I see someone in a window across the street having a very animated conversation on the phone. Arms waving, jumping up and down. When I focus in I think it is a nude woman, but I ask my husband to make sure. He confirms he thinks so too. So I take out my camera which has a lens that makes everything 50% closer, and take a few shots.

I felt a little creapy, but after a while it was obvious she was putting on a show. She stayed in the window through ordering our meal, eating, and very close to us leaving. She should have just cut to the chase and rubbed her boobs right up against the window. Interesting start to the day though.

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