Monday, February 05, 2007

If that just doesn't piss you off....

This weekend - for the first time - we decided to rotate our 6 month old mattress. You know... like tires.

So, my husband and I try to figure out how to navigate around the ceiling fan. Which we hate, but can't find a replacement for - because the ceiling is so low that we can't find one that isn't bigger than the current fan. But I digress.

Anyway... we get it flipped over and realize it doesn't have the mattress top on both sides. Not exactly happy we think "well it doesn't have the fluffy mattress top - but maybe it will be okay anyway". So we both flop on the mattress to find you can't lay on this side at all. It is like laying on your box springs.

I know this is probably something I should have noticed six months ago. But it was about the time the house was filled with contractors. Things were hectic. And to tell you the truth, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to ask if you could sleep on both sides. It just wasn't on my radar, and I don't know.. every mattress I have ever seen has two fucking sides. Especially because it wasn't a low end mattress. I'm reasonably sure the materials don't cost anywhere near the exorbitant price I paid for the mattresses.

I understand people only buy a new mattress every 5-10 years.. but it pisses me off that those fuckers shorten the lifespan of what is a freaking expensive product anyway by making it so you can't rotate it.


  1. Oh, that's just wrong. I'd be pissed, too.

  2. Yeah, we have the same problem. A nice soft cushy side and a dungeon torture chamber side.

    We don't flip ours over, we just spin it. That way, we're getting even wear.

    Okay... back to watching Lost. Thanks for finding me!

  3. If it doesn't have the fluffy stuff on both sides - it isn't meant to be flipped.

    Some mattresses are like that.

    Enjoy the fluffy side - it's what the workers who made your mattress would want you to do.