Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maybe I'm watching too much South Park.

Okay - so hopefully the nice thing about my blog is that if I am boring you now, in a week or two I will be onto some other thing that is interesting to you. Yes - I am that ADHD. Sometimes I go in phases.

Right now I guess I am in a nature photography phase. Not because its all that interesting - well, I guess some of it is interesting, but not in a blogworthy way - but because I am still working out this camera thing. Oh - and we are actually having something called weather. Remember that nice set of entries I just made? I think it might snow snow.

Right now I am having a lens issue. We bought a 85mm f/1.8D AF for the new camera. You photog people will know what that is.. the rest of you - its basically a portrait lens. So I feel a little boxed in. Hopefully this weekend things might improve. And I still haven't nailed down how to take infrared photos. So I'll admit I'm not all that bright.

So my latest endeavor was trying to get a valley shot at a VA Hospital up on the side of a mountain. I went up there once and thought the building was somewhat eerie, and with all the clouds it would make an interesting piece.

I wound up finding an unintentional nature reserve instead. Oh yeah - and I got interrogated by the police.

So anyway - I'm looking for a spot to get a Valley shot, and I run across a family of deer and wild turkeys. It was the weirdest thing. They were so tame that when I was trying to capture the deer - the turkeys walked right up and surrounded me. All I could think was "are these things going to attack me"? I mean, there were like 50 of them.

Then I tried to move on and get a shot of the building because turkeys are not interesting. It was about this time a police cruiser pulled up. I thought he was just passing through, but apparently he wanted to talk to me. I was on government land, and you know how this gets these days. The government doesn't want you taking photos of any of their stuff.

So I had to show him what was on my camera card. After a while I convinced him I wasn't taking any photos of the patients, or casing the building so he let me go. But now I'm too paranoid to go back up there. And the bummer is a didn't even get a great shot because of my lens.

For you technology people who are wondering what the hell happened to this blog - I should have something intestesting for you by Monday.



  2. HEY! You might be onto something there. Maybe they were sporting tasers. I didn't even think of that.