Tuesday, February 13, 2007

THIS is what I have to look forward to?

I'm sitting at the doctors office hating life. I almost never go until my doctor gets needy about once a year and wants me to come in. Thankfully the nurse aid tells me he is relatively "on time" - which means I only have to wait 35 minutes to be seen instead of the normal hour and a half. No exaggeration folks.

At any rate... I'm doing what anyone would do when they are bored. Catching up on posts from Wide Lawns on my phone. When I look up and see this.

What the hell? It disturbed me on so many levels. Do they have to put everything together all in one spot like that?

I mean - we all know it is going to happen eventually...but a doll filled with all the crap that is going to happen to your body? Is putting it in a doll form suppose to make women feel less anxiety about your vagina drying up?

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