Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just in-case you were wondering.

Life is revolving around jury duty right now. With 10 hour days being at court, and getting to and from court. I hope to have some good stories to post maybe on Friday.

Not about the trial, but about how completely unusual the process has been.

You want to know how to piss lawyers off? Send them to jury duty. Today after running into my third lawyer in three days in the jury pool, I started counting seats. When I realized that my guestimate was 4 lawyers in slightly less than a 100 people I started asking questions. I wanted to know what the percentage of the general population had a law degree, because the amount of lawyers in this pool seemed oddly high. The civil attorney I was chatting with said it runs about 4%, but that California is a little higher at about 6%.

Okay... so I think.. maybe this is about average. But wouldn't you know it, one of the last jurors called to be questioned today was a lawyer. The last juror wasn't one, but his wife was.

So either there is a lot of suing going on in California, or there are a lot of lawyers without jobs.

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