Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I told you they wouldn't want me.... but they do.

I got to spend a lot the Halloween holiday in the courthouse. You see... I'm still in the Jury pool.

I know I will have to stop talking about this soon, but I am starting to loose hope that I will escape loosing a big chunk of time for this trial. Either I am crazy, or they are crazy. My husband just thinks they are desperate. He thinks this is why our number comes up so often, and the reason they are being so aggressive.

I did find out that if you don't show up, they will track you down. If they can't track you down - they will issue a bench warrant. I had read of this happening, but no one in my circle knew for sure.

After we filed into the courtroom, the clerk administered roll call. A few people did not reply when their names were called, and the clerk said they were going to "attempt to track those people down". I was listening intently, because to be quite honest - I was sure my answers to the jury questions would have axed me, and I thought about not showing up. After about 15 minutes of the clerk being on the phone I heard her say "you need to get down here right away". Which totally freaked me out.

After the judge dismissed people, and I realized my name wasn't called everyone filed out and into the elevator. I made small talk with another gentleman who turned out to be a lawyer. He also was on the jury pool, which I found fascinating. He told me it was a myth that lawyers got dismissed from the pools.

All I know is that there are a billion and a half reasons why I am not right for this case. I'm hoping statistically I still have a chance... there are 8 groups. I still have a chance right? Maybe if I start preparing for the worst, the best will happen.


  1. Umm, what about the flu? A contagious disease? Instead of snarkalepsy, how about epilepsy? A seizure right there in the court house might get you excused....

  2. Clever! Although I'm not that great of an actress, which is probably why I am still in the pool. (mental note) Must work on being more dramatic.