Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yep.... our economy sucks!

While out shopping recently I was dazzled by these 60 inch Samsung flat-screen televisions. Of course I am dazzled by all things electronic, but these especially caught my eye. After all, 60 inches is close to your average size Mini Cooper.

I wanted to know how many of these babies were being sold. Because quite honestly they had a huge amount of floor space for them. I thought perhaps a few sold a month.

To my shock the salesperson said they sold about 3 week, at about 4.5 grand each. He claimed he had personally sold over 70 of them himself. He could have been bullshitting me...But then why on earth would a company make a product like these that are so obviously disposable if people weren't capable of buying them?

All I know is that when I was a kid, they would never had made products like these because no one would buy them. I mean... who would spend that kind of money on something that your kid would only use for a few years. I mean, they are obviously made for that 5-10 year old demographic.


  1. Let's make a television set that looks soft and cuddly so that some poor kid will pull it onto their head. Good thinking.
    You'd be surprised at the # of parents that give in and buy crap like that for their kids. Some of my daughters friends have had cell phones since they were 9. NINE!!! i pods, blackberry's, $200 designer jeans....It blows my mind.

  2. I had to think about your comment for a little while because I have a generally negative attitude about kids getting so much expensive stuff. Mainly because I had to work my ass off to get stuff, and to see kids with blackberries... I don't know.. rubs me the wrong way. Make them get jobs! It is good for them.

    My main question is... what do 9 year olds have to talk about? I mean I was a phone hog when I was a kid... but that wasn't until I was about 12.