Friday, November 03, 2006

And you think your tattoo is clever.

I'm really over the whole tattoo phase... but you really have to give this guy points for creativity.


  1. Creativity points, yes.

    Class, not so much.

  2. Yeah... I was never sure the whole tattoo thing was a brush with class.

    This one is only notable because of the trendy boringness that everyone has plastered all over their bodies.

    At least this guy gives me the impression he has no illusion that his tattoo has any deeper meaning than entertainment. While I enjoy some of the art, I personally am a little tired of every squiggly line on someone's body holding the answers to the universe.

  3. MY Hubby used to know a guy with a tattoo almost exactly the same as this one. It IS less boring than most of the other tattoos that I've seen. I wonder what this guy's mom thinks of it? Or his future mom in law?