Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I blame low unemployment.

The two items that bring the most traffic to my site are my jury duty posts, and my rants about Alienware. The latter bringing the most.. even bringing in people from the UK.

So when the conversation between my husband and I came up about getting Tablet PC so he can work while he is in meetings, or we can take on the road with us, you must know I was less than enthused.

After doing a little research here, here , here, here, here - Hell I could go on for days. I found myself in a cringe.

Our other choice is Lenovo which is back-ordered. I hate living in a back-ordered world.

I have to wonder how so many companies like Dell, Alienware, Compaq/HP, Sony can piss so many people off. I can only attribute the severe decline in customer service and support to the low unemployment rate. It creates uneducated workers - a high worker churn rate, and generally people who don't give a shit about doing a good job.

Honestly, I don't know if I can stand the process of ordering a new machine... but chances are I will. And chances are I will be pissed somehow.


  1. Only partially related to your point....

    look at the Fujitsu Tablets, I've had two and loved them. Also, the service I have recieved at Fujitsu has been so much better then the struggle I went through when my dell broke. Doesn't everyone's dell break? But my dell had is all wrong... it broke directly a year after it came to live with me, but I tricked Dell, I bought the extended warranty. In the end they just mailed me parts and made me bust into the freaking thing myself. Me...who can break something just by looking at it.

    Ugh. Sorry for the rant :)

  2. No need to be sorry.. that was actually really helpful.

    Late last night we realized that Fujitsu made the tablet PC's. We thought they made camera's? Motor cycles.. ? I don't know but didn't know they even made computers. People seem to be pretty happy with them though. Even being an editors choice.

    Thank you.