Sunday, April 17, 2022

Working weekend.

This has been my entire weekend. Sink replacement.


  1. Well the ads for the sink used little baby ducks floating around to sell them. I'm using bunnies.

    That whole getup was a hard fought war. I finished at 7 last night. Solid 3 day project.

  2. If you didn't have any ER trips as part of the process & you (& the bunny) are happy with it you done good!

  3. I'm too exhausted to think much about the results. But each day I have been happy to get the water back on. It's the only metric that matters.

    No ER visits, but the bruises are starting to materialize. it's the craziest game of twister you can imagine.

    Odd fact, having a spouse that is opposite handed - IS SOOOOOO HANDY! Especially working in tight spaces. Sometimes he can't get something and I can because my dominant hand is opposite his. And visa versa.