Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The source of your depression propaganda.

Most managers said they'd fire workers or cut pay for not returning to the office.

Every time I read a story like this - I don't care how high gas prices get. This is the world people want.

Before the pandemic, the thing employees wanted most was " a work life balance". Then all of a sudden the pandemic hit and everyone was depressed. so sad. I personally thought the whole thing was bullshit. But media and corporations got together and put out this ridiculous narrative. And oh - the Republicans didn't help at all because they are out there mocking people for working in their pajamas. Despite productivity going up over the pandemic.  Because these babies can't handle their shit - now people have to sit in traffic.

I figured out last November that this whole fantasy was coming to an end because of managers. I have blogged out it at least twice. Here and Here. Managers have nothing to do if everyone is at home. well... not nothing - but who are they going to lord over really?

I haven't been saying much... because managers are also in that group who doesn't think mitigations are necessary.  So... since this boulder is not movable - you just wait for them to get sick. I mean, 80 people from the White House dinner have popped up positive. 13%! The flu definitely does that. Said in the most sarcastic way.

Funnily enough I was reading an article yesterday about how everyone was plowing into SECOND houses because they thought they were going to get to work from home forever. And I laughed and laughed and laughed.


  1. Things went well with the workers/managers at home & productivity went up?
    Now some managers want people to show up so they can manage?

    Where are the people in charge of the managers? It's time they did something and got rid of those managers who can't work well outside of the office.

    I know I don't know anything about all of this..
    My big question is about a bicycle. I'm in Florida now, I bought red cruiser from a pawn shop for $30, I did have to spend more that that on tires & tubes... Anyway did I tell you this has a coaster brake, no gears? I haven't used a coaster break bike in 60 years!
    I rode down to the beach yesterday, to check things out, to explore a little. The ride down was not bad, it was fun! Coming back... a tiny up hill here and there and just a hint of a head wind about did me in :-)
    This bike is fine for around the neighborhood or down to the grocery store but I'm not sure about these longer rides. I decided I need gears! The cruiser is good, it just needs to be a bit easier on some of the stretches.. so I've been looking.

    Then there are all those people with the electric assist bikes... I feel like I was 9 years old again really really wanting that bike with the 3 speeds! $300 bucks for a new cruiser with 6 or 8 speeds or $700 for one like that with electric assist (for that the same size, seat, gearing, etc) It's a cheap assist bike mind you, I could double that and get one that's a better quality...

    This is a problem to have!

  2. Oh yeah. Definitely go electric assist. I've been on this path for about a year. I just have been trying to figure out how much I want to spend because I think bikes get stolen all the time. And I want to be able to take it on beach trails.

    I would start out with the cheap assist. Or you can go crazy and get one of those vanmoof's.

    In Florida temporarily or permanent?

    1. We're gonna try the winter here and summer there for awhile, I suspect I'll be full time here because I like it.
      I'm leaning to the cheap assist too, I'd like to get away for using the car for everything and down here it's mostly flat, they have bike lanes and sidwalks and everything is with in 4 miles.

  3. Well I can definitely see how that is appealing.

    I've been trying to figure out how not to get a bike swiped while I'm on the beach. Some of these trails are two miles before you even hit the sand. 4 miles round trip.

    Pedal there, but assist it back. But I'm still working on the theft part.

  4. Take it on the beach with you, lay it on a towel, lock it & cover it, and you've done all you can.

  5. It seems like the managers are simply trying to justify their overpaid existence. If on average, those working from home got more done because they were less stressed from a commute or what do with the kids or maybe the spouse helped rub one out during the day, you would think most managers would see something here and act accordingly. But I guess they have an ego to be stroked.