Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hope is not a strategy.

When I left on my trip around the 24th of June - the US was averaging 4000 cases of COVID a day. Now, nearly one month later, we are catching 60,000 cases a day.

I'm not sure why the government won't treat people as adults and just tell them "if this is like the flu - which you need a new shot for every year, you are vulnerable to the strains you are not vaccinated for. I think all sides suck at this point. It's been well known that the vaccines are 60-80 percent effective on the new variant. Or strain. Because they were made before that strain was prevalent. You can not shake a stick right now and not find break through cases. Letting vaccinated and non vaccinated people co-mingle is kinda crazy. But I don't care at this point because I'm tired of the never ending masks don't work conversation. Let's find out!

This sheep is still wearing her mask. All across the country and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. I don't trust noneya. 

Strangely, I feel the least safe in California. And I went through 10 States! Back in flyover country they were still doing social distancing and workers were wearing masks. 

Las Vegas was a bit dicey in the casinos, but the only place I wanted to go through a casino for was International Smoke by Ayesha Curry. I might be willing to die for that. I knew things were getting bad because even Vegas is going back to masks. Didn't they say hell no - we won't go?

The rest of the world is literally on fire right now with cases. But the US was too busy doing the mother superior dance and dunking on each other than to do what was right. Now I think we are really going to pay. The charts in other countries are like an Elon Musk space rocket. And everyone has been mixing together.

All I know is that people better figure this out soon because this will mutate into a variant that isn't treatable by a vaccine and we are back to square one. The government needs to be telling people to chill out until the vaccines catch up. Instead I think they are telling people - we hope that won't happen here.


  1. Hope has nothing to do with it. Not if you want any sort of functioning world. That 3 month hard shut down, and months and months and months of restrictions, fucked the supply chain so hard. And it has NOT recovered. Trying to do any sort of segregation is only going to make it worse, not better, never mind any attempt to shut down again. We can't "chill out" if we want things to continue to function in a reasonable form.

    Masks working or not is an argument you and I have had before, and neither of us is going to change the other's mind.

    But last time I paid attention (which has been a few weeks cause life got complicated) they were still counting "cases" as "every person with a positive test" regardless of symptom levels or not. Which is stupid and does nothing except spread panic since not insignificant portions of the working population are required to get tested regularly regardless of anything else. Not to mention the concerns over false positives due to the sensitivities of the test.

    And regardless of whether the masks work to prevent the spread of covid (or anything else), the sanitizing and keeping people out of public exposure to the general world of germs may have done damage to immune systems and their ability to cope. I mean, we've known for a while that children who're allowed minor exposure to a wider selection of germs tend to have healthier immune systems, and that applies to adult immune systems too. So instead we shut everyone away and doused them in bleach and didn't allow them to get even the mild sniffles, and so now everyone's coming out of seclusion and getting (non-covid)SICK, cause they didn't get the mild exposures they needed so that their immune system could handle life.

  2. I am not proposing to go back to lockdown or masks. I'm at the point of letting the bodies hit the floor. For the millionth time. I'm sick of this shit. I am ALL up for seeing how people's immune system functions with no guard rails. Because that is really not a thing in real life outside a very slim slice of very churchy people.

    Now I still get to have an opinion. Because it my blog. As I said - let's see how much masks work. I am all for the unmasked at this point. Your body, your choice.

    Regarding your last paragraph, maybe people are just getting sick like they used to. As someone who got chest cold every year, it's been a blessing. But now I know the reason I got them was because some asshole figured his immune system was perfect. Not giving s fuck about anyone else.