Friday, January 08, 2021

Wake it up!

Today I wanted to blog about a company called reMarkable. They've made a digital pad that I think is honestly the best of mimicking real paper. It's about the size of a paper pad. It is weighted roughly the same. Strangely it gives you that same "feeling" of holding a pad of paper. Unlike the kindle which doesn't really give you the same "feel" as holding a book.  I was pretty surprised. 

I am not the end user fo this product. Mr S. is. I don't draw, and those of you who religiously read my blog know I'm practically illiterate. So, you are getting the CES style review from me.

You will have to re-train your hands to write. All of us computer people now have stubby dinosaur hands. I can barely write a check these days without having to redo it a couple of times because -  me no write no more.

But this little device is not bad though. The latency is very low. You can mark up PDF's and send them to yourself in email. Apparently it gives you the right "feel" when you are drawing.

I just thought it was interesting. And I love that epaper is still trying to hang on. The iPad pretty much killed that wave.



  1. damn, I want one.

    my handwriting has never been stellar, but typing on anything other than a full sized keyboard just doesn't work for me either. So while I read, A LOT, on my ipad, and even my phone, I rarely type out anything till I can get to my computer. This more than occasionally stifles my wish to take notes or what not.

    Damn, I want that.....

  2. They a bit spendy right now because they are new. But the price will come down. It's a surprising clever device. Will post more pictures soon. I'm on my third day of hunting down an electric problem. Day number 4 tomorrow.